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Fun and adrenaline, on the Danube at Cazane!

It seemed to you that in order to try strong sensations you have to get to Niagara or Mount Everest, and you would have had some hesitation if someone had told you that in Romania, you can have the same fun.

Orșova is the land of legend where the Danube can mean a beautiful dream and where a wonderful holiday adventure can start at any time.

You don't need too much or too much money for courage - we have to say that in the story that countless others have lived before you, there have been people from less than eighty years old.

And you can do that with your friends every day, from spring to late fall.

But for the adventure to begin, you must first reach Orșova, by train or - even better - by car.

  • Do you want strong sensations?

The boats are waiting for you, ready for action, at the Water Taxi pier located in Orșova.

Any of the team members will be your guide during the cruise to the Danube Boilers.

Be prepared to experience something new that will test your senses like never before.

  • View and history

The beauty of the landscape will amaze you.

The Danube dug thousands of years into the rock to carve the riverbed we see today.

There will be stops to admire the wonders of nature and for a part of history, and in some cases you will be able to go down to the shore and experience a few steps of caving.

  • Catch the big fish

Of course I left the hard work behind!

If at least once in your life you dreamed that you too could tell a fishing story, you would not miss such an opportunity.

Because yes, for those who want to have fun on the Danube, sport fishing games can be organized.


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