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Museum of the Portile de Iron Region - Orșova branch

A much more recent attraction of the city is the branch of the "Iron Gates" Regional Museum, which opened in December 2017.

The museum includes 3 sections, specific to the area: natural sciences, history-archaeology and ethnography. The collections found here illustrate the whole story of the place, from the Roman fortress Dierna and the life of the Turks on the island of Ada Kaleh to Orșova Veche and the Hydropower complex at Portile de Fier I, together with the beauties of the Natural Park of the same name.

The importance of the museum is a special one, because it recalls the sacrifice of the inhabitants of the settlements that were swallowed by the waters to give birth to an industrial edifice that benefits Romania's economy.

In addition to preserving the memory of this episode in the country's recent history, the museum also provides tourists with information about the fauna and flora of this area with a Mediterranean climate.

The time has come to leave the city and head towards the sights on the Danube Gorge, but before taking the water course, in our next post we will make a short stop in the town of Ešelnița.

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