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Elegance and Adventure: Amazing tours on Danube

Discover Danube's beauty in our premium boat tours


About boats and services.

Sail the waves of the Danube aboard our premium boat, a symbol of elegance and sophistication. With a length of 9 meters and a width of 2.5 meters, this is an oasis of luxury and comfort. The sophisticated design accommodates sofas upholstered in high-quality materials, creating a sanctuary of relaxation. Equipped with a fridge, spaces for charging your phone and an exceptional music system, every detail is thought out to give you an unforgettable experience on the majestic waters of the Danube. You will enjoy sunny and shaded relaxation areas, professional guides, unique experiences, traditional snacks and drinks, all included in the ticket price. The music will complement the atmosphere, ensuring that every moment is special.


Explore the photo gallery and videos of magical moments experienced on board, from relaxing under the sun to traditional snacks and stunning scenery along the Danube.

Unique Details

Every tour with us is a unique experience.

Extra comfort

New Arrivals


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Pentru croazierele premium, rezervările se fac cu cel puțin 24 de ore înainte.

Pentru detalii sau neclarități ne puteți contacta telefonic sau prin email.

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